BP\SG2011\C - Guidance system

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Guidance system


The BP\SG2011 vehicle guidance system increases efficiency and saving in car park premises. This system minimizes time spent by the user looking for a free space inside the car park, preventing interior traffic and optimizing car park rotation.

Data sheet

Functionalities of BP\SG2011\C

  • Designed to achieve maximum energy efficiency in car parks.

  • Saves time when looking for free spaces, thus greater client convenience. Customer loyalty.

  • Saves fuel and reduces CO2 emissions inside the car park.

  • Easy to locate special spaces for the disabled, reserved spaces, etc.

  • Reduced risk as traffic flow is improved.

  • Increased value and profitability of the car park. Optimises occupation and rotation.

  • 100% reliable real-time information regarding occupancy rates.

  • Detection of abandoned cars.

  • Increased security in the car park.

BP\SG2011\C is composed of

  • Space detection sensors.

  • Lighted indicators.

  • Information panels.

  • Control equipment and software.