BP-500/C - Car park ATM

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Car park ATM


Data sheet

Functionalities of BP-500/C

  • Magnetic stripee Off-Line credit card reader, through the same slot as tickets.

  • Possibility of showing advertising on ATM screen (optional).

  • All the necessary buttons for user information, such as: help intercom, payment receipt, payment cancellation, language options, etc. incorporated in TFT touchscreen (multi-lingual).

  • Acceptance of all types of discount vouchers. Possibility of issuing duplicates of lost or entry tickets (optional).

  • Alarm system incorporating several alarms: open door, withdrawal of coin and banknote collection boxes, depletion of receipt paper, disconnected devices, etc.

  • Issue of complete statement on ATM cash collection, detailing every transaction carried out.

  • Complete ATM control software: rates to be charged with calendars, timetables and periods, change available in each coin return hopper, change to be replaced or removed from each hopper, total amount of coins in collection drawer, total amount taken in coins, total amount taken in notes, total amount taken in credit cards, total amount taken, etc.

  • Fully configurable rates for different time periods, possibility of setting different prices for discontinuous time periods.

  • All the cash movements of the ATM are controlled in real time, by ethernet communication, from the management program of the parking server PC.

BP-500/C is composed of

  • Circuit board Mod.BP-125 with fully adjustable latest generation industrial PC, which can be adapted from lower to higher power as required.

  • Motorised reader/recorder with two systems for reading and recording in a single slot: one for rotation tickets and plastic magnetic cards (owners, permit-holders, token, etc) based on a central magnetic stripe, in four positions; the other for credit cards, lateral magnetic stripe, with one position. (Can be substituted for tickets with bar codes in 2 or 4 positions.)

  • Motorised magnetic stripe and smart card reader for on-line credit cards, with Pin Pad keypad, for new system of EMV, MasterCard and EuroCard credit cards (optional).

  • Proximity reader recorder, monthly payment of all types of subscribers, collection of excess subscribers, recharging purse cards, etc. (Optional).

  • New generation banknote reader, acceptance of all Euro bills (7 notes) in all positions (4-way), storage container for 1000 banknotes.

  • Returns 3 types of notes and automatically recycles them, controlled by the 3 cassettes integrated in the bill-holder, maintaining the amount of change wanted by the car park operators (optional).

  • Electronic purse system with CC-Talk technology, accepting up to 16 coins. Euro coins accepted: 0.01€ / 0.02€ / 0.05€ / 0.10€ / 0.20€ / 0.50€ / 1€ / 2€.

  • Electronic repositories with CC-Talk technology, 8 large-capacity coin hoppers which return change, with automatic recycling and refilling of coins, maintaining the amount of change wanted by the car park operators (giving change to the cent, thus avoiding any loss of revenue through rounding down as required by law).

  • Large capacity storage box for excess coins with safety lock and cylinder.

  • 15” colour TFT screen for user information, with touch screen made of vandal-proof glass, 768×1024 resolution.

  • Fast thermal printer for payment receipts.

  • Analogue intercom system, IP digital intercom, or real-time video conference system, for communication between vehicle driver and parking attendant (optional).

  • Internal ventilation and heating system, regulated by digital thermometer and own software.

  • Continuous power supply system.

  • Microsoft Windows Embedded license