BP-100/C - Ticket vending machines and permit-holder card reader

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Ticket vending machines and permit-holder card reader


The BP-100\C model is a central magnetic stripe magnetic ticket vending machine. It includes the most modern technologies on the market to offer you a robust and compact solution for controlling parking entrances. 0% unreadable tickets.

Data sheet

Functionalities of BP-100/C

  • Prints the following data on the rotation ticket: day, month, year, hour, minutes and seconds, license plate number, the number of each ticket issued and the name of the entrance.

  • Checks the ticket imprint, issuing a second ticket if the first is faulty.

  • Manual issue of tickets by pressing a button, or automatically on arrival of a vehicle.

  • Controls incorrect rotation operations, sending ticket cancellation to the server to prevent fraud.

  • Checks and validates permit-holder cards, full-time, part-time, residents, restricted zones, master cards, pre-paid smart cards, time limit, etc. Anti Passback control.

  • Operation of machinery through a network connection (Ethernet connection) or autonomously

  • Powerful, fully configurable system of calendar timetables for opening and closing of automatic doors, access control, etc.

  • Modular system design, at both hardware and software level, for perfect adjustment to the different needs of each car park.

BP-100/C is composed of

  • Circuit board Mod.BP-125 with totally adjustable latest generation industrial PC, which can be adapted from lower to higher power as required.

  • Motorised reader/recorder with two systems for reading and recording in a single slot: one for rotation tickets and plastic magnetic cards (owners, permit-holders, token, etc) based on a central magnetic stripe, in four positions; the other for credit cards, with lateral magnetic stripe, with one
    position. (Can be substituted for tickets with bar codes in 2 or 4 positions.)

  • Fully integrated ticket reader/recorder, with Mifare proximity technology or hands-free technology using an emitter fitted on the vehicle windscreen (optional).

  • 7” colour user information screen, with multi-lingual text and dynamic illustrations.

  • License plate reader system integrated in the management software, checking registration at the exit and saving black and white photos of the front of the vehicle in a data base. This can be extended to include a colour video recording of the car perimeter (optional).

  • Analogue intercom system, digital IP intercom, or real-time video conference system, for communication between drivers and car park attendant (optional).

  • Internal heating and ventilation system, regulated by digital thermometer and own software.