BP\CE2011 - Electric vehicle charging

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Electric vehicle charging


BP\CE2011 is a multi-point intelligent electric vehicle charging system. This solution allows the charging of a large number of electric vehicles to be managed, controlling the different parameters of the mains supply, user preferences and many other aspects from a centralized control system.

Data sheet

Functionalities of BP\CE2011

  • Scalable system in both functions and units.

  • Management and payment software integrated in Bymar Park ATMs.

  • Payment of stay and electric vehicle charging with car park ticket with central magnetic stripe.

  • Charging with proximity cards and central magnetic stripe (permit-holders/owners) the monthly subscription, excess payments and the electric charge of the vehicle.

  • Cross-platform software with embedded system.

  • The main functions of the controller are selecting the power outlet, capturing and managing energy, and monitoring the power of the full set of devices

  • Identification and pre-payment by means of RFID proximity cards (optional).

  • Identification by means of magnetic stripe and bar code (optional).

  • Integration with other systems (payment systems, utility company meters, guiding system and other control devices) (optional).

  • Management and control of power available, management of alarms, generation of historical reports, and control of up to 32 outlets.

  • TCP-IP and RS-485 communication.

BP\CE2011 is composed of

  • Controller device with LCD 15’’ screen and touch screen user interface.

  • Motorised reader/recorder with reading and recording in a single slot, for rotation tickets and plastic magnetic cards (owners, permit-holders, token, etc) based on a central magnetic stripe, in four positions (optional).

  • Fully integrated ticket reader/recorder, with Mifare proximity technology or hands-free technology using an emitter fitted on the vehicle windscreen (optional).

  • TCP/IP communication with easily integrated protocol, between Bymar Park ATM and concentrator.