BP-300/C - Automatic parking barrier

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Automatic parking barrier


The BP-300/C model is a parking barrier with automatic closing for controlling the passage of vehicles.

Data sheet

Functionalities of BP-300/C

  • Exclusive compact design with polyester paint finish for outdoor use.

  • Motion transmission with appropriate axles and counter-balancing springs on the barrier arm in both raising and lowering.

  • Adjustable 1-second opening/closing time with arm reaching 90º.

  • Intensive operation of up to 18,000 operations in 24 hours.

  • Motor controlled by a frequency converter, providing fully adjustable control of the arm when starting and braking, preventing arm vibration and excess motor fatigue, thus increasing service life.

  • TCP/IP Ethernet communication.

  • Standard alarms, open or closed barrier detection, manual opening, removal of arm from the barrier, door open on barrier cabinet, etc.

  • Manual barrier opening (in cases of power cuts) with internal crank lever or optional continuous power supply system

  • Vehicle protection when barrier is open, thanks to the magnetic field and detector (detector integrated in the barrier, magnetic field installed in flooring).

  • Automatic barrier closing once vehicle has passed through, by means of detector signal and magnetic field.

BP-300/C is composed of

  • Circuit board Mod.BP-126 with latest generation microcontroller.

  • Top-quality sealed, self-lubricating three phase gear motor, 0.37CV.

  • Round aluminium arm, lacquered in white with segments in green. Maximum length 3 metres.

  • Continuous power supply system with approx. 100 autonomous operations (optional)