BP-34\C - Dual pedestrian control card reader

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Dual pedestrian control card reader


The BP-34\C pedestrian card reader has an exclusive compact design suitable for outdoor use, in mirror-polished stainless steel. Ideal for controlling access to the car park through pedestrian doors, preventing entry of people who do not have a vehicle parked there. The machine contains a dual head central magnetic stripe card reader, proximity card reader and an intercom system, enabling reading of rotation tickets, central magnetic stripe cards, and proximity cards, and also communication with parking booth attendant.

Data sheet

Functionalities of BP-34\C

  • Automatic control of electric closure.

  • Control of pedestrian accesses through user identification.

  • Identification and notification to control system of all movements.

  • Alarm system.

  • Remote opening of doors from parking booth.

  • Possibility of controlling lifts (optional).

BP-34\C is composed of

  • System consisting of circuit board Mod.BP-125 with latest generation industrial PC or circuit board Mode. BP-126 with latest generation microcontroller. Fully adjustable system which can be adapted from lower to higher power as required.Lector Manual de banda magnética central en 4 posiciones.

  • Manual reader of central magnetic stripe cards in 4 positions.

  • Card reader/writer integrated in the machine, with Mifare proximity technology.

  • Analogue intercom system, digital IP intercom, or real time video conference system, for communication between user and car park attendant (optional).