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Bymar Park, automatic parking control

State-of-the-art technology for parking control and management

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At Bymar Park we design solutions for all types of car parks

With the rigor and demands demanded by the current mobility market

Focused on the present and future of Smart Cities


Access modes

We offer a wide range of parking access methods for your customers
All of them available in the same system
Invest today for your clients of tomorrow

  • Access modes

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Rotation ticket - Bymar Park

Access modes

Rotation ticket

Access to parking by thermal ticket

Thick cardboard format highly resistant to use and handling

Printing of information in QR format and informative text in different languages

Bymar Park Access App (BP Access) - Bymar Park

Access via Smartphone with the BP Access app

Exclusively for subscribers, both through access roads with vehicles and pedestrian accesses

No need for proximity cards

License plate reading - Bymar Park

Access modes

License plate reading

Access of subscribers and rotation users

Reading and opening time less than 2 seconds

Control of white lists and black lists through management software

License plate recognition from over 100 countries

Pedestrian access - Bymar Park

Access modes

Pedestrian access

Opening of pedestrian accesses through subscriber cards, rotation ticket or Smartphone (BP Access app)

Access controlled by schedules

Electric security lock

VIA-T access - Bymar Park

Access modes

VIA-T access

Recognition of all VIAT devices on the market

Accesses for both rotating vehicles and subscribers

Payments are made automatically at the checkout machine


Payment methods

Our equipments offer safe and versatile payment methods. Make it easy for your customers to pay by credit card, coins, bills and discount vouchers

  • Payment methods

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ATM payment system - Bymar Park

Payment methods

ATM payment system

All collections for parking products centralized in a single element

Acceptance of all means of payment. Visa Only ATM Option (Model BP-5500\CB)

Configurable rates for the different parking products

Cash payment - Bymar Park

Payment methods

Cash payment

Acceptance of all EURO currencies

Return (self-recycling) in 6 configurable denominations

Large capacity hoppers. 800 coins of 2 EUR and 1500 coins of 0.01 EUR

Acceptance and return (self-recycling) of all EURO banknotes

High capacity bill stacker up to 900 bills

Payment with cards and smartphones - Bymar Park

Full EMV payment group with integrated PINPAD keyboard

ONLINE payments, without fraud, without intermediate payment gateways

Acceptance of payments by credit card by insertion or contactless

Acceptance of payments by contactless mobile device (NFC technology)



Complete solution for comprehensive parking management

  • Management

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Remote management from office - Bymar Park

All parking management from anywhere in the world

Registrations and cancellations of subscribers

Modification of rates

Management of calendars and schedules

Consultation of financial statements in real time

Integrated electric vehicle - Bymar Park

Pricing of real kWh consumed

Start and stop of loads from ATM using the rotation ticket

Start and stop of loads from the charger itself (only for subscribers)

Centralized collection of charges in an ATM, both for turnover and subscribers

Possibility of collection through direct debits, SEPA (only subscribers)

Consultation of the state of the chargers in real time from management software

Consultation of load history from management software

Bymar Park Manager App (BP Manager) - Bymar Park

Operations and daily management at your fingertips

Ticket collection from the app itself by scanning the QR code

Regeneration of tickets lost by ATMs

Remote openings of entrance, exit and pedestrian accesses

Video recording perimeter control - Bymar Park

Video recording of the state of the vehicle at the time of access to the car park

Fraud control against false complaints due to damage to the vehicle

Search for recordings from management software using license plate filters, ticket number, entry time or other filters

High video resolution

Configurable video clip time

Integration in parking CCTV system

Technical service - Bymar Park


Technical service

At Bymar Park we attach great importance to our technical support service. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help with any of your equipment. Visit the TSS page.