BP-2000/CB - Ticket and permit-holder card reader

Ticket and permit-holder card reader


The BP-2000/CB model is a machine for reading QR code tickets and subscriber cards, it includes the most modern technologies on the market to offer a robust and compact solution for the control of exits or parking areas.

Data sheet

Functionalities of BP-2000/CB

  • Control of the exit barrier, managing openings and closings, speeding up traffic on the road.

  • Control and validation of rotation tickets. Cancellation of rotation tickets to avoid being reused.

  • Control and validation of permit-holder cards, full-time, part-time, residents, restricted zones, master cards, pre-paid smart cards, time limit, etc. Anti-passback control.

  • Operation of machinery through a network connection (Ethernet connection).

  • Operation in stand-alone mode (optional).

  • Powerful, fully configurable system of calendar timetables for opening and closing of automatic doors, access control, etc.

  • Modular system design, at both hardware and software level, for perfect adjustment to the different needs of each car park.

BP-2000/CB is composed of

  • Electronic board Mod.BP-125 with state-of-the-art industrial PC fully modular, being able to adapt from lower to higher power according to the requirements.

  • Scanner reader with reading system for rotation tickets, owners, subscribers, file, etc. based on QR code.

  • Card reader / writer integrated in the machine, with Mifare proximity technology.

  • Bluetooth receiver for mobile opening through the Bymar-Park Access App, available on Android and IOS (optional).

  • Hands-free technology for active or passive TAG antennas, using a card placed on the vehicle’s windshield (optional).

  • 7’’ color user information screen, with multi-language text and dynamic drawings.

  • State-of-the art infrared license plate reader camera (optional).

  • Digital IP intercom system.

  • Real-time video conferencing system for communications between the vehicle driver and the parking attendant (optional).

  • Internal ventilation and heating system, regulated by digital thermometer and in-house software.