BP\ME3 - Vehicle license plate reader

Vehicle license plate reader


Automatic reading of vehicle licence plates for indoor/outdoor facilities, installed on roads entering or leaving the car park. Licence plate recognition is performed using an IP camera with infrared and special OCR software for licence plate recognition into the actual camera.

Data sheet

Functionalities of BP\ME3

  • Recognition of license plates from different countries (query the recognized countries included in this version).

  • Information on the machine upon entry of the license plate number as soon as this is visible, allowing it to be printed on the entry ticket in compliance with current legislation.

  • Information on the exit machine of the license plate number as soon as this is visible, checking that ticket and license plate numbers correspond to those generated by the ticket issued at the entrance, thus preventing possible fraud.

  • Permit-holders and owners are given the possibility of entering and exiting automatically through license plate reading without the need to use cards.

  • Large storage capacity in database of all license plate numbers read.

  • Option of automatic license plate reading while vehicles are in motion and approaching entrance and exit machines, or when stopped on the loop detector on the car park floor.

  • Alarm in car park gatehouse to alert of possible fraud attempts on exit: when the ticket inserted in the exit machine does not correspond to the vehicle’s license plate.

  • Synchronized colour video recording system of the vehicle (optional).

BP\ME3 is composed of

  • All-in-One license plate reading system with lighting, camera and processor integrated into the same computer.

  • OCR software for license plate reading integrated into the same computer.

  • Polycarbonate shell for protection from dirt and adverse weather conditions.