BP-3000/CB - Automatic parking barrier

Automatic parking barrier


The BP-3000/CB model is a parking barrier with automatic closing for controlling the passage of vehicles.

Its state-of-the-art design and manufacturing guarantee an opening and closing speed of 1.8 seconds, which guarantees more dynamic entrances and exits, thus speeding up movements at peak hours in the car park.

Data sheet

Specs of BP-3000/CB


Dynamic and efficient parking barriers

Subjected to intensive use tests, our parking barriers offer a guarantee of proper operation, with a standard maneuvering speed of 1.8 seconds, allowing dynamic access and exits, speeding up movements at peak hours in the car park.


Access barrier with proven technology

Our demands in quality standards force us to take care of the smallest of details, we give added value to the barrier, the geared motor is properly sized, the frequency variator is essential to ensure smooth and adjusted maneuvers, offering more and better time operating for parking.


Strong arm

Cylindrical arm in reinforced aluminum extrusion. The cylindrical format offers resistance to shocks, efforts and prevents buckling against the force of the wind. With the LED lighting option, the barrier arm performs a visual function that the user easily interprets, to perform the maneuver to access or exit the car park intuitively.


Adapted and flexible

The needs of the client have to be solved, our barriers can be adapted to adverse weather conditions, the car park must always be equipped according to various aspects, it is important to maintain quality in the details, our barriers are adapted from technology.

Functionalities of BP-3000/CB

  • Transmission of movements with axles and connecting rods, counterbalance spring of the barrier arm both uphill and downhill.

  • Opening and closing time in 2 seconds adjustable with arm travel at 90º.

  • Intensive 24/7 operation.

  • Control of the motor through a frequency variator, providing a fully adjustable control maneuver in the starts and stop braking of the arm, avoiding its vibrations and excessive fatigue on the motor, increasing its useful life.

  • Operation without light with UPS (optional).

  • Manual barrier opening (in cases of power outage) with internal crank.

  • Protection of the vehicle while it passes with the barrier open, due to the detector and the magnetic field (detector integrated in the barrier, magnetic field installed on the pavement).

  • Automatic barrier closure once the vehicle has passed, through the detector signal and magnetic field.

BP-3000/CB is composed of

  • Sealed and self-lubricating gearmotor of the highest quality, three-phase 0.25 hp.

  • Movement shafts and connecting rods for engine control.

  • Frequency inverter for motor control.

  • Round arm in white lacquered aluminum with colored segments. Maximum length of 3 meters.

  • Green/red LED lighting system for passing indication (optional).

  • UPS uninterruptible power supply (optional).