BP-5000/CB - Car park payment station

Car park payment station


The BP-5000/CB model is an car park payment station for the collection of QR tickets and proximity subscriber cards. Accept coins, bills, credit cards and discount vouchers.

Data sheet

Functionalities of BP-5000/CB

  • Collection of short-stay tickets and permit-holder fees paid as per fare charts, schedules, timetables and periods. With acceptance of bills, coins, discount vouchers and credit cards.

  • Ability to display advertising on the screen with pictures and sound while the payment station is in stand-by mode (optional).

  • Ability to generate duplicates of lost tickets from the gatehouse remotely by entering the vehicle registration plate (optional).

  • Alarm system incorporating several alarms: open door, withdrawal of coin and banknotes collection boxes, refill receipt paper, disconnected devices, etc.

  • Issue of complete statement on payment station cash collection, detailing every transaction carried out.

  • Setting of fees by slots, possibility of including split shifts with different rates.

  • Real-time control of all currency movements of the payment station through ethernet communication from the management program of the server PC at the parking.

  • Payment station control software: change available in each coin return hopper, change to be replaced or removed from each hopper, total amount of coins in the collection drawer, total amount taken in coins, total amount taken in notes, total amount taken in credit cards, full total amount taken, etc.

  • Multi-language touch interface: intercom help, proof of payment, cancellation of payment, languages, payment of permit-holder fees and overall cash management.

BP-5000/CB is composed of

  • Circuit board Mod. BP-125 with fully adjustable state-of-the-art industrial PC, that can be adapted from lower to greater power usage as required.

  • QR code and barcode scanner reader for rotation tickets, discount vouchers, etc.

  • EMV certificate reader (Visa, MasterCard Europcar) for credit card payments on-line via magnetic strips, contactless chip and pin pad keyboard (optional).

  • Proximity reader/recorder (MIFARE) for monthly payment of permit-holders, payment of excess stays of permit-holders, topping up of pre-paid cards, etc.

  • State-of-the-art banknote reader, acceptance of all euro bills (7 notes) in all positions (4-way), storage container for 500 banknotes. Storage for 1,000 tickets (optional).

  • Returner of all euro banknotes, with automatic recycling for the same, with the operator of the parking holding on to the desired change (optional).

  • Electronic wallet, with the acceptance of up to 16 coins. Euro coins accepted: 0.01 € / 0.02 € / 0.05 € / 0.10 € / 0.20 € / 0.50 € / 1 € / 2 €.

  • Large capacity storage box for excess coins with lock and cylinder for security.

  • TFT 12″ colour touch screen for user information with vandal-proof glass, 768×1024 resolution.

  • Thermal printer for payment receipts.

  • Deposits/returners, 6 tanks (hoppers) with large capacity return to monies, with auto-recycling and automatic coin refill, with the operator of the parking holding on to the desired change.

  • Digital IP intercom system.

  • Real-time video conferencing system for communications between the vehicle driver and parking attendant (optional).

  • Interior heating and ventilation system, regulated by digital thermometer and own software.

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).

  • Complete software for payment station control.

  • Microsoft Windows Embedded License.