BP-15-16-17\C - Sings for car parks

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Sings for car parks


The BP-15\C Illuminated Sign has a unique compact design with a polyester outdoor paint finish. The BP-16-17 \C indicative signs feature a unique compact design with polyester weatherproof finish paint.

Data sheet

Functionalities of BP-15-16-17\C

  • Automatic functioning of “Full-Spaces” situation, controlled by software or manually from the management program.

BP-15-16-17\C is composed of

  • Double-sided neon entry sign, with P for parking.

  • “Full/Spaces” sign, indicated by extra-bright LEDS specially designed for outdoor use. “Spaces” indicated by green, and “Full” indicated by red.

  • Built with metal casing and side doors for replacing fluorescent tubes and control access.

  • Transparent acrylic covers 5 mm thick, with green vinyl and signs with text in white.

  • Attached by means of a wall support or a round pole to attach to the floor, 100 mm diameter, with total height of the sign 4500 mm and with suitable base for attaching to the floor.

  • Information signs for car park entrance and exit.

  • Installation carried out in the machines themselves.

  • Made of sheet metal, spray painted on one or both sides in Ral-6018, with text and illustrations in white or silver grey.