BP-400 - Group of manual collection, control and management

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Group of manual collection, control and management


Data sheet

Functionalities of BP-400

  • A single computer integrates the functions of parking, license plate reading, vehicle, pedestrian and elevator access control, and automatic door control.

  • It complies with the most current regulations: possibility of charging for fractions of a minute and printing of the vehicle’s license plate on the entrance ticket.

  • License plate reading through B/W photography both upon entry and exit. Checking the vehicle’s license plate when leaving, with several configurable security options.

  • Easy to understand and flexible checkpoint program, allows four levels of security to access: Administrator, Manager / Owner, Manager and Operator, being able to create new levels and assign or restrict different functions for each one.

  • Real-time capacity of free, occupied and total places of rotaries, subscribers, owners, laundry plant, etc., on the main screen.

  • Automatic reading of the ticket by simply inserting it into the reader / validator at any position, giving the time of entry, time of departure, time of stay, vehicle registration and amount of stay, being possible to validate it for exit automatically or waiting for an order, adding time margin at the exit and being able to give proof to the client.

  • Subscriber/owner cards can be central magnetic stripe (read in any position) or proximity (with an internal high security chip).

  • Charging for credit cards in a validator in one position, with a special program to save all the charges made during the day and send them via Internet to the central bank, as well as to download and update the blacklists of stolen, unsubscribed cards, etc.

  • It allows to automatically generate discount vouchers for the time or the desired value (30 minutes, 60 m, 90 m, € 0.50, € 1, etc). Thanks to the identical characteristics to the dispenser of the entrance is fed with one or two ticket packages from the rear, being able to record, cut, count and deliver them through the lower hatch. Discount vouchers are controlled in all the time, knowing which ones have been sold, used or expired.

  • The structure of newspaper rates allows us to charge in a totally flexible way, such as: by hours, half hours, quarter hours, minutes and even free sections, also allowing us to configure the delay times in tickets, margins to charge the following fraction and time to leave once the stay has been paid.

  • Within the control of rotating tickets you can add any expense to cash or adjustment indicating the reason for it.

  • Closing of the shift of the sentry box operators, with all the tickets collected so far and printing of a detailed list with the charges and expenses.

  • Lost tickets allows us to record user data such as the user’s name, date and time of entry, ID and amount of the stay in case the original ticket appears.

  • Manual ticket allows us to generate a duplicate of a defective ticket, being able to charge it automatically and validate it for departure.

  • Subscriber management allows us a perfect control of it, being able to associate each one or several with a rate price, a schedule and an access calendar. The calendar is configurable for each day of the year, and allows controlling and charging for excess time generated by the subscriber outside of their hours. The monthly payments and excesses can be collected in cash directly at the checkpoint or through direct debit using the standard financial format “Notebook 19”.

  • The owner’s management also takes control, but in a different way, applying fixed parts of community expenses such as: maintenance, electricity, water, etc.

  • Opening of barriers through the management program, the reason being recorded.

  • Record of all alarms produced in the machines: open doors, collections, etc.

  • Totally flexible general lists: rotating, subscribers, income, movements, ATMs, etc.

  • Flexible technical configuration for entry, exit, pedestrian, checkpoint and ATM nodes.

BP-400 is composed of

  • Latest generation Pentium personal computer, with 512 Mb of RAM memory.

  • 2 hard drives of at least 80 Gb each, the first contains the operating system and the parking control program and the second contains the backup copies of the parking database, which are made automatically.

  • 5 RS-232 serial ports, 2 RS-485 ports, 1 parallel, 6 USB outputs, 3 ½ floppy drive, DVD-ROM rewriter, internal modem and Ethernet network output.

  • 17 ”TFT color flat screen, 105-key Windows keyboard and optical mouse.

  • Hewlett Packard color printer for listings, Samsung thermal paper roll printer for customer receipts and receipts.

  • Collection coin and banknote drawer, display to indicate the amount to customers.

  • Recorder reader for subscriber or owner cards, tickets, discount vouchers, etc., in the central band. Sideband credit card reader on the same device.

  • Real-time, multi-tasking, multi-user operating system.

  • Possibility of connecting up to 32 nodes or parking control machines (expandable up to 64).

  • Possibility of connection up to 218 terminals, such as manual checkpoint charges, ATMs, etc.

  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional License.