BP-15 - Illuminated street sign

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Illuminated street sign


Data sheet

Functionalities of BP-15

  • Signaling of free spaces or full parking

  • Automatic turn-on of night lights with twilight cell.

BP-15 is composed of

  • Indicative luminous sign (double-sided) at the entrance to the car park.

  • Manufacture of free-complete window in high luminosity LEDs, special for streets controlled by central PC.

  • 5mm thick methacrylate sheets lined with vinyl.

  • External measurements: 1300 x 1000 x 250 mm.

  • Mounted on a 4.5 m mast. total height.

  • Galvanized steel housing protected with amorphous and passivated phosphate treatment (a kind of zinc plating) with Ral-5002 coffered polyester final paint.