BP-500 - Parking ATM

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Parking ATM


Data sheet

Functionalities of BP-500

  • Reading of the rotation ticket in the 4 positions, calculates charges and validates the exit.

  • Accepts discount vouchers, 4 types of banknotes in any position and 16 types of coins (limited to 6 coins).

  • External communication via modem.

  • Information to the user with dynamic drawings and necessary buttons such as: intercom, cancellation of payment, receipt, languages, etc. on the touch screen.

  • Possibility of advertising on the cashier’s color TFT flat screen (optional).

  • Information in all EC languages ​​(expandable).

  • Permanent communication and dialogue with central PC.

BP-500 is composed of

  • Credit card reader through the same mouth in 2 positions.

  • 6 automatic coin deposits for recycling and refilling with return of change of the same.

  • Leftover coin collection drawer and banknote drawer with Kaba Quattro security lock

  • Industrial PC to control all the elements, with new cctalk technology through a serial port.

  • New technology touch screen with vandal resistant glass and 12 “TFT color monitor.

  • Recording webcam-cam for the user, saving the compressed photo on PC (optional).

  • Door with top-level Kaba Quattro security lock and five locking points.

  • U.P.S. (uninterruptible power supply) optional.

  • Galvanized steel housing protected with amorphous and passivated phosphate treatment (a kind of zinc plating) with Ral-5002 coffered polyester final paint.