BP-300 - Parking barrier

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Parking barrier


The BP-300 model is a pass-through and control barrier with automatic closing.

Data sheet

Functionalities of BP-300

  • 90º arm opening.

  • Frequency variator that provides a fully adjustable control maneuver and a barrier opening and closing of less than 1 second.

  • Controlled braking of the barrier, which prevents vibrations and excess fatigue on the engine, increasing its useful life.

  • RS-485 control towards the checkpoint, with open or closed barrier detection, and alarms, such as anomalous manual openings, removal of the barrier arm, or open barrier cabinet door, among others.

  • Manual barrier opening (in cases of power outage) with internal crank.

  • Automatic barrier closure once the vehicle has passed, through detector and magnetic field.

  • Protection of the car while it passes with the barrier open thanks to the detector and the magnetic field.

BP-300 is composed of

  • Bonfiglioli top quality sealed and self-lubricating gearmotor, ¼ HP. at 220V Single-phase and frequencies from 50 to 100 Hz. 1350 r.p.m. 1/100 ratio.

  • Transmission of movements by connecting rods, supported on their axes by needle bearings mod. S.k.f.

  • Stop control limit switches, in opening and closing of maneuvering placed on the axis.

  • Top quality arm, for continuous use, lacquered in white aluminum with 80 x 20 x 3,000mm red segments. max. length.

  • Steel casing protected with amorphous and passivated phosphate treatment (type of zinc plating) with Ral-5002 coffered polyester final paint.