BP-100 - Magnetic ticket dispenser

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Magnetic ticket dispenser


Magnetic ticket dispenser with central magnetic stripe recording of all the necessary information to be used later in manual collection boxes, ATMs, etc.

Data sheet

Functionalities of BP-100

  • Visual impression for the user of the following data: day, month, year, hour and minutes, as well as the number of each ticket issued and the name of the route of entry.

  • It processes tickets and plastic magnetic stripe cards (subscriber cards) through the same slot.

  • Subscriber cards are also central band (four positions.)

  • Networked or autonomous operation, with connection and dialogue with the control PC at the sentry box through RS-485 communications with a range of approximately 1,200 meters in length.

  • It admits two ticket entries with two packages of 3,500 or 4,000 units each (depending on the thickness of the ticket), taking the second package automatically.

BP-100 is composed of

  • Two recording and reading systems, one in the central band with four positions and the other in the side band with one position. Checking the recording, issuing a second ticket if the first is defective.

  • Proximity card reader for subscribers incorporated internally (optional).

  • Hitachi LCD graphic screen of 240 x 128 dots, measuring 126 x 71 mm., For information to the user with text and graphics.

  • Equipped with intercom system.

  • Electronic control node with 16 opto isolated inputs plus 4 outputs with relays, Hitachi microcontroller of the H8S family of 16 bits, with firmware update by computer via serial port, non-volatile memory to save events in autonomous work and expansion bus for future Applications.

  • Galvanized steel housing protected with amorphous and passivated phosphate treatment (a kind of zinc plating) with Ral-5002 coffered polyester final paint